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Illu_Leistugen_englischCompac Furniture Services GmbH was founded in 1998, and we are proud to be able to say that we have accomplished quite a bit and have grown steadily through the years. Of course, this is not least due to our loyal customers.

With our healthy growth, we have become specialists in all aspects of furniture production, from design to shipping. We work with you to develop your furniture, use our excellent network to procure the materials, work with our strong production partners to produce every necessary element, design the associated assembly instructions for the consumer, manufacture customized and transport-safe packaging, and finish by bringing your furniture right where you want it. In addition, upon request we can take care of the required replacement parts for your furniture, stay in close contact with your customer service, and send the parts directly to your customers on demand and in no time at all.

Many claim it, we live it:


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